zach moss


Zach Moss debated for two years at Concordia University Irvine during which time Zach and his partner Bear Saulet won multiple tournaments, posted a league-high 50 prelim wins, and were the second-ranked team on the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence leaderboard their senior year. Since then, Zach has acquired a Master’s degree in Communication and Journalism from the University of Wyoming. While coaching at the University of Wyoming, the university’s policy debate team qualified to the National Debate Tournament (NDT) and posted a double-octafinalist finish at the NDT in addition to a quarterfinalist finish at the Cross Examination Debate Association National Tournament. Zach also coached British Parliamentary debate and Lincoln Douglas debate while attending the doctoral program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and in Summer 2018, Zach joined Club Parli's all-star coaching staff in a full-time capacity.

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