the poi debate institute at uc berkeley

The alma mater of champions.


where it all began...

Without the POI Debate Institute there is no Club Parli.

In 2013, after spending two summers directing the parliamentary debate program at the Stanford National Forensic Institute, Club Parli CEO struck out on his own and founded the POI Debate Institute. The first institute set up shop at Loyola Marymount University and the University of Oregon. In 2014 the institute moved to its permanent summer home at UC Berkeley and has established a reputation as being the best summer parliamentary debate program in the nation and saw its enrollment increase by almost 400% over the next three years.

In 2016 the POI Debate Institute added a middle school program along with its intensive Master Class program headed by David Saulet. In 2017 the POI Debate Institute became part of Club Parli LLC with the summer program overseen by Sierra Maciorowski.

The alums of the POI Debate Institute not only go on to absolutely dominate the high school parliamentary debate circuit, but the best of the best return after graduation to become instructors and pass on and build upon the institute's adherence to the highest standards of character and excellence.