Parli makes better people.


it is about much more than winning...

Determining a debate outcome, on its face, seems simple: each round concludes with a winner and a loser.

However viewing debate through such a dichotomous lens is shortsighted and does not do justice to the most important outcome of the activity: the growth of the individual.

Developing a three-dimensional understanding of the world, analyzing and advocating for political and philosophical concepts that run counter to one's own closely held beliefs, breaking out of the us vs. them binary, finding and gaining confidence in your own individual voice, learning self-reliance while working as part of a team, building all-important critical thinking skills, honing the ability to deliver constructive criticism and analysis, carving a path towards leadership and active engagement with the world...these are the outcomes that matter.

If you have any questions about what parliamentary debate can do for you, please contact Managing Director David Saulet at david@clubparli.com.