South Bay summer workshop


Club Parli’s South Bay Summer Workshop is a 5-day intensive day camp wherein students will work with nationally decorated coaches and instructors on a variety of argumentation and debate skills. Throughout this workshop, students will engage in practice debates, speaking exercises, world affairs lectures (economics, environment, politics, ethics, etc.), and a host of additional fun and engaging activities designed to foster: communication, teamwork, organization, research, and critical thinking. Our goal at Club Parli is to develop students into confident and capable global citizens in an increasingly interconnected world.


Enlighten School

1921 Clarinda Way, San Jose, CA

date and time:

June 17-21, 2019

9AM - 6PM




$35 if you’d like us to provide lunch for the week, otherwise it’s bring your own.


Open to grades 6-12.


David “Bear” Saulet is Curriculum Director at Club Parli and has coached hundreds of students from both the United States as well as visiting students from abroad at various camps and tournaments. Having directed over 15 summer debate institutes, David has a long track record of coaching experience in addition to a history of competitive success in NPDA/NPTE collegiate debate. Viewing debate as a uniquely optimal avenue for students to become better critical thinkers, leaders, and communicators, David is committed to the ongoing project of expanding access to debate for students throughout the Bay Area and beyond. 

Zach Moss debated for two years at Concordia University Irvine during which time Zach and their partner Bear Saulet won multiple tournaments, posted a league-high 50 prelim wins, and were the second-ranked team on the NPTE leaderboard their senior year. Since then, Zach has acquired a Master’s degree in Communication and Journalism from the University of Wyoming. While coaching at the University of Wyoming, the university’s policy debate team continued their decade-long qualification to the NDT and posted a double-octofinalist finish at the NDT as well as a quarterfinalist finish at CEDA Nationals. Zach also coached British Parliamentary debate and Lincoln Douglas debate while attending the doctoral program at SIU Carbondale and starting Summer 2018, Zach will be joining Club Parli's all-star coaching staff in a full time capacity.

Alexander James (AJ ) has been involved with debate for 10 years, beginning as a sophomore in high school in the homeschool debate circuit of Southern California. He went to San Diego State University to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and competed on their parliamentary debate team. At the National Parliamentary Debate Association National Championship Tournament in 2015 he represented the US in the yearly public debate against the Irish national debate team. After graduating, he coached for Palomar Community College, earning the Marc Ouimet Service Award in 2015. Between 2016 and 2018, Alexander has worked at Homeless Advocacy Project in San Francisco, providing legal representation to homeless and no-income residents seeking Social Security disability benefits. His priority as a debate coach for Brewer is to provide students with comprehensive argumentation skills, a supportive environment to grow, and critical knowledge about real-life experiences.