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club parli is better debate.

Founded in 2016, Club parli is the nation's premier independent parliamentary debate program for elementary, middle, and high school students. 

Club Parli debaters made history in the 2017-2018 parliamentary debate season by being the only program ever to qualify middle schoolers and freshmen to the Parliamentary Debate Tournament of Champions. Club Parli is also the only parliamentary debate program to see its middle school debaters on the parliamentary debate national rankings. Club Parli debaters also made waves by being the first middle schoolers to ever win the varsity division championship of a high school tournament.

Club Parli debaters work with the nation's best parliamentary debate coaching staff. The curriculum is best-in-class. Clubs are kept small (8-12 debaters). Instruction is focused on creating better debaters and better global citizens. Our club are flexible and coaching can be tailored to any level of debate.

a new independent league for club parli debaters that will be best in the nation.

Starting 2018-2019, Club Parli debaters will have membership in the Urban Parli Debate League (UPDL), a 501(c)(3) founded by Club Parli coaches dedicated to increasing socioeconomic and racial diversity in parliamentary debate.

UPDL will be nation's best parliamentary debate league. Each tournament will feature top-flight, experienced debate judges with 15 minutes of oral feedback built into the conclusion of each round.

All Club Parli affiliated debaters will be eligible to compete in the league's six tournaments at either the elementary, junior varsity, or varsity levels.

UPDL will have four exclusive tournaments open only to members of Club Parli and Urban Parli Debate and two invitationals open to the larger parliamentary debate community. The UPDL season will be capped with the inaugural UPDL championship tournament.

compete for club parli independent or compete for your school. it's up to you.

All Club Parli debaters will have ample, guaranteed opportunities to compete in the UPDL. However, Club Parli debaters are also encouraged to compete for their schools at non-UPDL tournaments.

Club Parli debaters may also join Club Parli Independent, Club Parli's competition team. Club Parli Independent, led by Club Parli's top coaches, will field teams at local and national tournaments.

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