david saulet

Managing director of club parli

David “Bear” Saulet began debating at the community college level for El Camino College. After two years of successful competition at both the state and national levels, Bear transferred to Concordia University Irvine on a debate scholarship. During his time at Concordia, Bear and his partner would become the top parliamentary debate partnership in California as well as the second best partnership nationwide. Since graduating from Concordia, Bear has served as the Assistant Director of Debate at Concordia Irvine, where his team won 1st place sweepstakes at the National Parliamentary Debate Association tournament, as well as the Assistant Director of Forensics at Oxford Academy. Bear holds a master's degree in Communication Studies from the California State University Long Beach and has been a fixture at the POI Debate Institute since its founding in 2013 and served as the director of the Institute's Master Class program.

As managing director of Club Parli, Bear oversees and directs all operations of the Club Parli program. Under the last two years of Bear’s leadership, Club Parli has seen exceptional growth in terms of numbers and debater success. In addition to his Club Parli responsibilities, Bear assists the Urban Parli Debate League and is a fixture at all Pacific Coast Debate League tournaments.

Bear can be reached at david@clubparli.com.